Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Aggie Mark II

I have a new love... (well it is nearly Valentine's)!

The new Aga went in today, she is gorgeous.  Lovely glossy, sleek and sophisticated.  Take a look for yourselves:

So, once it has stopped crying (it generates a lot of condensation when first warmed up apparently!), and smelling like a new cooker, I can activate "AIMS" (the energy-efficiency module) and get baking!  First cupcakes should be out tomorrow, yippee!

Watch this space...
LCF Girl

Friday, 5 February 2010

Share the Little Cake Factory Love

HEY, CUPCAKE EATER!!  Yes you!  

If you've enjoyed a Little Cake Factory cupcake and have often wondered, "how can I spread the word about these yummy treats?" here's the answer:

Click on the link and enter a few simple details, then tell the UK what it is that you love about Little Cake Factory's cupcakes.  Not only could you win a fantastic prize each day (hence, "14 Days of Love"), you would be helping Little Cake Factory's future success by spreading the word(of love).

Small businesses really do depend on this type of viral marketing, we don't have huge budgets for advertising (actually I don't have one at all any more) and our businesses thrive on great customer feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Thank you so much for your support!

LCF Girl

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Goodbye Aggie!

This morning I had an Aga, now I have just an empty space where she used to be... sniff!  She's gone to be recycled which eases the guilt a teeny bit.

(yes, I am fickle, as soon as the new one arrives it'll be like "what 2-oven aga?")

So here goes, the sad demise of old Aga:

Going... Thermalite lining...


Going... (that gritty stuff is "vermiculite" by the way,
you learn something new every day)

Er, still going...

Almost there...

Goodgye Aga!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Valentine's Cupcakes - Raspberry and White chocolate... available to order!  I'll be taking Valentine's cupcake orders now so go ahead and pre-book your gift today!  Call 01483 535300 or alternatively email

Poetry really was never my thing - I might even be tempted to offer a free Valentine's cupcake to anyone who can come up with a better "roses are red..." poem (there, the challenge is set).

For those of you following Aga-watch, Aggie the Aga has now been turned off, sniff!  She's cooling down in readiness for being "capped off" tomorrow and then taken away to Aga-heaven on Thursday.  I've had a very turbulent relationship with her over the years.  There have been days when I've slammed her doors shut out of anger and also days where I've been comforted by her cosy warmth but she has always been there for me - cupcakes and all!

Enough sentiment - I've got admin to do...

LCF Girl