Friday, 20 November 2009

Wedding cupcakes at Godalming Town Football Club

The above photo was taken this morning at Godalming Football Club which is hosting a wedding reception this afternoon.  I am so quick off the mark in getting photos up I should have been a 'pap!
Kept it quite simple, the usual decorations but incorporated the bride's pink/purple/silver theme into the cupcake cases.  I also made the cute little (edible) silver stars on top to perk the whole thing up a bit!
Hope the bride and groom have a wonderful day and thank you for choosing Little Cake Factory to do your cupcakes.
I also made Pudsey Bear cupcakes for DD's nursery (making up for the fact that I forgot to send her in wearing fancy dress today - oops).  As yummy as they are, hopefully they'll also raise a bit of money for Children in Need!

Now, the next photo needs explaining I'm afraid.  I owed someone a bit of a thank you for a favour they've done for me and so made up these "corporate cupcakes".  The problem was that after I'd baked them I discovered he doesn't work in the office much so they have been posted to his home address - I expect he may think I am nuts for doing that!  I enjoyed making them anyway ;-)

Must stop procrastinating over sorting out the huge pile of paperwork sitting next to me on my desk....
Bye for now, LCF Girl

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Giant cupcakes... they make the normal ones look tiny!

Straight out of the tin (two halves)

The assembled cake!

After figuring out how to use the enormous cake tin I have finally gotten round to baking a giant cupcake!  Not quite as straight forward as cupcakes, the timing needs to be adjusted to account for the sheer size of the thing - I think allowing nearly 3 times the normal baking time works fine.  I used Wilton's "Cake release" spray, a mixture of what looks like liquid butter and flour.  The two halves came out perfectly.  One half needed to be levelled off slightly but that can be sorted out very easily by not over-filling the tin before it goes into the Aga.

Take a look at the photo of the first larger-than-life cupcake (I've placed a normal sized one next to it for scale!)

I think they actually look less "twee" when you use a cake spatula for the icing (it isn't all icing BTW  - the cake tin is shaped like a dome).  

They'll make wonderful cutting cakes or novelty cakes for people searching for something a little different.

LCF Girl

Oh by the way, I'm baking Pudsey Bear cupcakes for DD's nursery on Friday - I've used the edible food photo printer and they've come out REALLY nicely - will post a pic when done!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Edible ink cupcakes!

Yay- my new toy arrived yesterday and I tested it out with the LCF logo.  Not bad eh?

Loads of possibilities with this - funny photos, corporate events etc etc.

Yes the ink is EDIBLE don't worry - cartridges filled with food colouring I guess?

LCF Girl

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Christmas cupcakes have arrived!

Jolly Holly...

Little Cake Factory has gone for a bit of a contemporary holly decoration - the photo doesn't really do justice to the cupcakes - the holly leaves have a bit of a green lustre finish!  These cupcakes are gingerbread-flavoured however I know that some people just don't "do" the traditional Christmas flavours so I can decorate any of the usual flavours if required :-)

Visit the Little Cake Factory Christmas cupcake page  for more information.

I am now feeling a tad amount of (possibly inappropriate) early Christmas cheer - woo hoo, bring on Slade...

LCF Girl

Edible photograph cupcakes...

Coming soon!!!  I have been deliberating over whether or not to invest in a printer (that is capable of printing edible ink onto icing sheets) for a very long time now and have finally decided to go for it!  I really want to be able to provide an additional service to my customers, there are loads of possibilities, company logos, photographs and so on.  I can't wait for it to arrive now!

Check back for pics - I'll be testing it out with the LCF logo I think!

Welcome home mum and sis...  missed you :-)


Monday, 9 November 2009

Peter Pan cupcake-alert!

Peter Pan and his elfin friends provided much inspiration for these birthday cupcakes for a 6 year old this weekend.  The hats were pretty easy but the fairy wings refused to stick upright and I had to give up on trying to make the hooks stand up!  You get the idea though - a fine line between exciting the kids and scaring them off with too-evil hook-hands  ha ha.

I'm currently devising my Christmas Cupcakes (in the oven as I type).  I think Gingerbread will be a bit of a hit so I'm giving it a go.  If my huge order of goodies from the Sugarcraft supplier comes through soon I'll be able to add all sorts of pizazz.

Must go open the oven door
LCF Girl

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Christmas Cupcake switch on (er, Christmas lights in Guildford)

No, I'm not really switching on the  Guildford Christmas lights this year (although Gethin Jones is doing the honours on 19th November if you're interested).  Little Cake Factory is however taking pre-bookings for Christmas cupcakes and offering 10% discount to the end of November for all deliveries or collections in December.

Get your order in now to take advantage of this special offer.

Right, on with the sample-baking...

LCF Girl

Monday, 2 November 2009

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I'm working on ideas for the Iron Cupcake Challenge, this month the challenge is "Apple" and I have a tasty idea in mind... stay tuned.

LCF Girl