Thursday, 8 October 2009

Double Happiness, flowers, Squires think I'm nuts

Hello cupcaking fans,

BUSY is really the only way to describe this week! So much going on both on the home front and business front. Probably spending way too much on advertising - I actually said NO to someone yesterday for a change. Nice orders still coming in which is great and a few bigger jobs pending.

I now know what the Halloween cupcakes will look like, I just have to get baking so that you can see what you're buying. Once the wedding cupcakes have been delivered this weekend I promise I will get onto Halloween. I am really pleased with how the decorations have turned out - who'd have thought it possible to do 50 Double Happiness decorations and 50 flowers in half a day?! I may end up finding myself a very niche market of catering cupcakes to Chinese weddings - who knows, I can't wait to see the finished cupcake stand in all its glory. What I do know is that I think I am the only owner of the double happiness cutter in the UK... AND I've figured out how to use it! I've got a few great pics that I'll post after the event, I don't want to ruin the surprise in case the bride should happen to be reading this...

I've also realised that people don't always need a specific reason to mail out cupcakes - there are a lot of very kind families and friends out there who just want to say "Hello" with a cupcake and the recipient is always so pleasantly surprised.

T - I am thinking of you at the moment and cannot wait to meet what was the bump very soon.

Check back soon,
LCF Girl

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