Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Wake cupcakes and more...

Well this weekend saw a first for Little Cake Factory.  Wake cupcakes.  Initially I was unsure of how to go about decorating cupcakes for what I assumed would be a sad sombre event however I was given free reign to go over the top with the cupcake sparkles so I did just that!

I hope the cupcakes were fitting for the event - I enjoyed making them, it isn't often you can go OTT with colours, sprinkles and so on - they were pretty!

Wedding orders are flooding in - it would appear a lot of you became engaged over Christmas and New Year - congratulations to you all!  Do get in touch for a wedding cupcake quote - or even to see if I have a particular date free, 2010 is proving to be busy so far - exciting.

My new years' resolution was to BE FIRM with the classified ad sales people.  Perhaps it is because I once worked in classified ad sales but I am a bit of a sucker for little printed ads - get a GRIP though - enough is enough - this is money I could be spending on snazzy new cutters!  On a positive note I have sent off a lovely wodge of paperwork to my accountant in time for the tax return deadline woo hoo.

Oh, not that it is at all cupcake-related in any way whatsoever but here's the view from Little Cake Factory in the snow last week - nice hey?  Glad the snow is finally melting, I have some postal cupcake orders to catch up on...  even "Omen" cathderal looks less imposing!

Come back soon,
LCF Girl

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