Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cake pops - cake splops!

Be warned, the following blog contains images of cake pops that some readers may find disturbing...
Starting with crumbed chocolate cake, then added the "glue" (cream cheese, butter, icing sugar = frosting), mulched up into a gooey mix!

Rolled into truffle-sized cake balls...

Dipped in melted chocolate (VERY MESSY - I need to perfect this part!) and sprinkled with colourful er, "sprinkles".  Left to harden off in a cool place...

No they're not supposed to have the excess bit of chocolate around the top but as I said, it is work in progress!

Despite appearances I can confirm first hand that these are by far one of the tastiest, yummiest treats I have made and I can't really take the credit - it is all thanks to Bakerella!  I have a few supplies coming by parcel tomorrow so I shall continue the quest for the perfect cake pop before I unleash them on the paying public.  In fact, I don't normally eat the cupcakes I make (simply because too much of a good thing never did anyone's waistline any good) BUT I have just been into the kitchen and snaffled one - yum!

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