Friday, 25 September 2009

The big Little Cake Factory cupcake bake-off...

Well here we are on Friday 25th September. Have to say that I wasn't quite sure whether I would still be in a state to blog before yesterday was through! Over 100 cupcakes baked and frosted for today's Macmillan Coffee Morning. Despite the hard work and smell of vanilla cupcakes forever engrained into my olefactory memory I am so pleased to have been able to support this event with my cupcake donations.

Yes, I realise I gain some publicity from it however the more I baked, the more I really thought about what it was all for, ultimately. Every penny raised from this morning's coffee events all over the UK will help Macmillan carers and patients and I don't think there's anyone who has not been touched by cancer or by someone who has cancer at some stage.

When asked what he thought the green decoration looked like, DH said "a handbag?". No, it is a coffee mug as per the event logo... of course! Cupcakes have either pink Awareness ribbons or green coffee mugs - I'm not sure I'll ever need to use the mug-cutter again but it served its purpose I thought.

So, as I type, people are hopefully donating money in exchange for a yummy Little Cake Factory cupcake all over Guildford!

Right - HALLOWEEN... Ideas anyone?

Have a cupcake-tastic weekend everyone,
LCF girl

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