Monday, 7 September 2009

Little Cake Factory is open for business - homemade cupcakes for all!

Yes, back to school and back to business - the day has arrived, Little Cake Factory is open for cupcake production! The flyers have gone out, samples delivered to local offices and businesses and the word is being rapidly spread up and down the country. I have been given many cupcake-related good-luck gifts, lucky me!

I have to say, I wasn't going to include mini-cupcakes on my regular menu however now that I've been preparing them for the sample boxes, they do look really quite cute and provide a nice little mouthful (or at least I manage to fit them in in one go). I'll post a photograph soon.

Please take a look at my website for loads of information and to place a cupcake order.

This week I'll be focusing on promoting the business locally and ensuring that my cupcake presence is known at a local level - is the ideal portal for my business so check out my ad which should be going live soon.

Come back soon,
LCF girl

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