Friday, 20 November 2009

Wedding cupcakes at Godalming Town Football Club

The above photo was taken this morning at Godalming Football Club which is hosting a wedding reception this afternoon.  I am so quick off the mark in getting photos up I should have been a 'pap!
Kept it quite simple, the usual decorations but incorporated the bride's pink/purple/silver theme into the cupcake cases.  I also made the cute little (edible) silver stars on top to perk the whole thing up a bit!
Hope the bride and groom have a wonderful day and thank you for choosing Little Cake Factory to do your cupcakes.
I also made Pudsey Bear cupcakes for DD's nursery (making up for the fact that I forgot to send her in wearing fancy dress today - oops).  As yummy as they are, hopefully they'll also raise a bit of money for Children in Need!

Now, the next photo needs explaining I'm afraid.  I owed someone a bit of a thank you for a favour they've done for me and so made up these "corporate cupcakes".  The problem was that after I'd baked them I discovered he doesn't work in the office much so they have been posted to his home address - I expect he may think I am nuts for doing that!  I enjoyed making them anyway ;-)

Must stop procrastinating over sorting out the huge pile of paperwork sitting next to me on my desk....
Bye for now, LCF Girl

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