Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Giant cupcakes... they make the normal ones look tiny!

Straight out of the tin (two halves)

The assembled cake!

After figuring out how to use the enormous cake tin I have finally gotten round to baking a giant cupcake!  Not quite as straight forward as cupcakes, the timing needs to be adjusted to account for the sheer size of the thing - I think allowing nearly 3 times the normal baking time works fine.  I used Wilton's "Cake release" spray, a mixture of what looks like liquid butter and flour.  The two halves came out perfectly.  One half needed to be levelled off slightly but that can be sorted out very easily by not over-filling the tin before it goes into the Aga.

Take a look at the photo of the first larger-than-life cupcake (I've placed a normal sized one next to it for scale!)

I think they actually look less "twee" when you use a cake spatula for the icing (it isn't all icing BTW  - the cake tin is shaped like a dome).  

They'll make wonderful cutting cakes or novelty cakes for people searching for something a little different.

LCF Girl

Oh by the way, I'm baking Pudsey Bear cupcakes for DD's nursery on Friday - I've used the edible food photo printer and they've come out REALLY nicely - will post a pic when done!

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