Friday, 28 August 2009

TGCCF (thank goodness its cupcake Friday)

Hello LCF cupcake fans!
I have to say I am pretty glad it is Friday now, and a Bank Hol WE! I think I am in need of a well-earned bit of R&R before the big LCF launch on Monday 7th September. Everything seems to be in place, I guess I'm going to have to order one or two last minute things whilst I'm away but that is the genuis of the internet :-) I've been preparing a couple of last minute cupcake packages for my brothers-in-law but from 7th September NO MORE FREEBIES ha ha. Gotta start making a living somehow! I seem to have rallied support all over the UK and have to thank my very supportive family and friends for that - let's see how it goes. Finally got my business insurance sorted out, cannot believe a £300 difference between two quotes!

I was at the post office yesterday and have even managed to get one of the clerks on-side, he remembered my logo and asked how it was going. He's also my spy... he loves to tell me the goss on the competition which I think is just hilarious (I just hope he's not a double-agent and doesn't kick my cupcake packages around when I leave the PO).

I should also point out that LCF "tweets" and you can find me at 'cupofcakegirl'. I have no idea why certain people like to follow my tweets (I'm talking about the computer software engineers) but the more the merrier and whatever it takes to spread Little Cake Factory's cupcake awareness.

Anyhow, better go get DD up as need to take B-i-L's cupcakes to be mailed off soon.

Have a great bank holiday everyone and watch out there's a blogger about next week,

Little Cake Factory girl

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