Friday, 21 August 2009

Birthday success!

Yipppeee, yet another successful postal delivery of 12 cupcakes! It's my sister-in-law's birthday tomorrow and I was going to surprise her by mailing cupcakes however I thought it would be best to warn her of their imminent arrival in case she wondered who was sending her boxed edibles... Apparently the cakes have already arrived and are looking pretty good so another satisfied "cupcake guinea pig" or CGP as I should start to call them.

I forgot to mention that I saw some cupcakes in Starbucks the other day. Can't they just stick to making COFFEE? I'm miffed because they do look rather nice, if a little too "perfect". Can't remember the price but I do remember it was more than my own proposed costs and they looked a bit teenier. Oh well, all's well in cupcake competition love and war, it just makes the rest of us try that bit harder.

BTW - the ginger cupcakes from the other day are still going strong three days on - I seem to have found the ingredient that keeps things from going stale too early. Even DD enjoyed hers. She also enjoyed an "In need of chocolate" whopper cupcake that I made with the leftover mix from the gift package. It looked more like a muffin (ridiculous)...

Do you think Dragon's Den would get behind me on my innovative "cupcake packaging" method? I know how I do it all has to be done by hand but if someone could just manufacture the thing that I make then it would surely revolutionise cupcake postage! Yes, there's an element of joke in that and it would do me out of business eventually I guess but seriously, why has no one thought to do this?!

I have got to remember to take MORE PHOTOS of the things that I make.


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