Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cupcakes withstand a trip to Chertsey!

Well today I took 18 cupcakes in the car with me and drove to my friend's office in Chertsey. I packaged them up for a birthday treat and my friend volunteered to be a guinea pig for the "order". I was relieved that they made it in-tact, despite huge piles of butterfrost icing and sprinkles :-)

The initial feedback was that most of them had disappeared and that my friend was having to er, with-hold a cupcake for her boyfriend to try ha ha. I guess that is a good sign?!

This afternoon I am having lots of fun working on my website. I'm pretty pleased with my photos, they've come out quite well albeit I had to take them rather hastily before the sun went down last night - I was trying to get them in a good light! I was a bit unsure of whether to add my own photo to the website but I want to show my customers that Little Cake Factory is actually run by a real human being and to show cakes being made in an actual kitchen (as opposed to being passed around a giant conveyor belt in a warehouse somewhere).

Anyway - still loads to do but I'm having fun with it all. Such hard work!

Till another day.

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